Friday, 5 August 2016


Craftera offers assured gifts on purchase of any product

Terms & conditions for assured gift

Please read all these terms & conditions carefully before claim in the “assured gift “to be conducted by craftera. you agree to be bound by these terms &conditions and represent that you satisfy all eligibility requirements set out here in below.

"Assured gift" means any one of the following gifts:

Any hair stick

Any bag

Any key-ring

Any goddess-statues

Any home decor items

Any available/stock products

Or Craftera Team send any one of gift according to availability/stock.

1. Minimum purchase 299 /-rs. only this end user eligible for mentioned above any one of gifts.

2. You can order multiple order same time.

3. Cod order user also eligible for this gift.


1. "End user" means an Indian citizen / person located and resident of India,having legal capacity to enter into a assured gift, who have purchased (viaonline purchase) the assured gift product (s) for his/her own use and not for resale.

2. "Online purchase" means the purchase of the product(s) from by the end user situated and resident in India/include with cod valid address.

3. "Assured gift" means any one of the above gifts.

Term of the offer

this offer is validfrom IST 00.00 hrs of 29th July, 2016 to IST 24.00 hrs midnight of 31st December 2016 ("assured gift period"). any activation and/or registration of the assured gift product(s) after IST 24.00 hrs mid night of 31st December 2016 will be considered invalid for the assured gift.


1 this offer is applicable only for "offer product(s)" and "offer territory" and within "offer period".

2 this offer is applicable for the standard and/or regular edition of the offer product(s).

Subject to clause above, the existence of dispute, if any, shall not by itself constitute a claim against craftera. Any disputes arising from or in relation to this offer shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of Jabalpur courts only.

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